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Blue Fuji Japanese and Asian Cuisine

Blue Fuji restaurant redefines the everyday dining experiencing in tantalisingly traditional Pan-Asian style. Modelled on bustling cafes found around cosmopolitan Japan and China, we offer irresistibly fresh, authentic cuisine in a stylish, relaxed atmosphere. Our concept is a dedication to delivering consistency through recipes and quality. Visit us and experience Japanese fine dining in a warm and friendly atmosphere in our main dining area at Medford, which is ideal for quiet, intimate gatherings and semi-private parties. We also offer a fast food and bar style dining area at our Bedford location, which is perfect for family and friends. In addition, both dining areas feature authentic sushi bars. Come and enjoy fine Japanese food with us. We look forward to serving you.
Blue Fuji restaurant is a contemporary Japanese and Asian new style and sushi and hot food restaurant. We have combined the traditional Japanese and new dishes with modern cuisine, sourcing a wide range of choices to choose and using the best Japanese ingredients. Classic dishes in a simple, stylish space with communal tables.Blue Fuji offers two distinct cuisines, serving Chinese and Japanese dishes with a modern approach from the dedicated Japanese Sushi Bar and Chinese Main Kitchen.
We believe that it is simply not enough to just provide our customer with their favourite dishes, we persevere to make it our constant business to strive to improve on our recipes to bring the highest quality and taste satisfaction with exceptional value for money. Our menu is a little thank you to all those kitchens from across China who were and have been so generous in sharing their secrets with Blue Fuji Restaurant over the years.

Whether you’re dining with family, friends, colleagues, or clients, our restaurants are always welcoming and comfortable. Visit us and discover why the name Blue Fuji Restaurant is synonymous with good Japanese & Asian food, good times, and good value.Let us serve you the tastiest food with the friendliest service at our restaurant & take away.


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